KU Leuven (BE) projects Solarise & TETRA AgriVoltaics lit up “Expeditie Gillis & Govaerts”


KU Leuven lit up the challenge of Flemish radio station MNM, helping the DJs survive for a week in the forest, which will see 2500 trees planted.

Through the collaboration of the EU Interreg project SOLARISE (Interreg 2 Seas) and the VLAIO TETRA Agrivoltaics, a KU Leuven Master thesis student in Technology Engineering option Energy and researchers helped the DJs of MNM to survive one week in a forest in Belgium.


Radio by solar

An off-grid PV-battery system was built in one day, using PV modules from the TETRA Agrivoltaics, and the battery system of KU Leuven Technology Campus Ghent’s Living Lab. The agrivoltaic PV modules are partially transparent, allowing crops to grow below the modules. The structure is similar to the structure of the active awning demonstrating various PV technologies at KU Leuven Technology Campus Ghent’s Living Lab for SOLARISE.

The PV modules and the battery system enabled the DJ’s to make 32 hours of live radio.