Partner’s description

Heerhugowaard (NL) is a ‘new town’ with 56,000 residents, and is situated 40 km north of Amsterdam. Its size is 3,999 ha, including 1.59 km2 of water. Heerhugowaard is a polder.
As a participant in the EU FP5 Suncity project ‘Stad van de Zon’ (the first emission-neutral residential district in the world), Heerhugowaard was an early pioneer of the energy transition.

At the moment, its most important sustainable projects are:
• its solar park.
• the ‘Waerdse Energie Circuit’: a distribution system for residual heat between companies, including collection of heat from asphalt pavement.
sustainable housing.
• a worldwide first: the application of flexible solar cells in roadside guardrails.
• a smart energy grid, improving supply /demand balance in (solar) energy.
• the development of a sustainable multimodal traffic node in the railway station area.


Partner’s role in the project

  • Market analysis and feasibility studies as a part of policy towards climate neutrality in 2030.
  • Development energy action/transition plan. 
  • Stakeholder involvement: improving information and establishing attitude.
  • Provision of experience and other information as a contribution to the goals of the other partners in the project.