Kamp C

Partner’s description

The mission of Kamp C is to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable build environment. Kamp C organises information sessions for schools and citizens on sustainable building as well as on rational energy use and on renewable energy.

One of the services is providing individual advice on building projects with the ambition to achieve the NZE level.

Kamp C is the knowledge centre for sustainability and building innovation in Flanders, with a team of experts and a network of highly trained specialists.

Furthermore we are involved in several European projects that focus on sustainability and/or innovation in the building sector, e.g. cVPP, ENLEB, Indu-Zero, ‘t Centrum,…


Partner’s role in the project

We will support the municipality of Zoersel with their local project.

Further on we will collaborate on the development of a training for local authorities and building professionals/key players.

We further want to assist in the strategy for solar power and create a roadmap for municipalities.

Dissemination and communication about the progress and the results of the project are crucial.