Brighton & Hove Apartment building Oxford Street


Accessible solar energy directly benefiting local residents in multi-tenant buildings to address energy poverty.

A solution for rooftop PV on an apartment building, where the array is split in 8 systems, each connected to a single apartment.




Oxford Street is a renovation project, turning an old office building into new temporary accommodation apartments for people on the housing waiting list.

The 9.6kWp rooftop array is split into 8 individual, 1.2kWp arrays, each of which is wired directly into a consumer unit within each flat. This allows tenants to consume free electricity when their system is generating, without the need for complex metering equipment.

This will be an important contribution to cutting residents’ fuel bills. Residents will be advised how to make best use of the solar electricity, for example running appliances during the daytime.

Key figures

Location: Brighton & Hove (UK)

Size: 9,6 kWp

Energy production per year: 9811 kWh

Energy use: estimated 60-80% self-consumption of produced energy

Technology: 400W panels, string inverters

Current status

The installation was completed in summer 2021.



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Project flyer

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