Brighton & Hove Social housing flats Buckley Close


Accessible solar energy directly benefiting local residents in multi-tenant buildings to address energy poverty

A solution for rooftop PV on 3 housing blocks with one common meter, where tenants’ consumption is submetered.



The goal at Buckley Close was to enable tenants to maximise self-consumption of solar electricity in 3 housing blocks, via a common electricity meter and sub-metering tenants’ consumption.

Buckley Close is a new development of 12 social housing flats within three blocks. Each block only has one MPAN (grid connection point), with tenants’ supplies submetered by BHCC. This allows solar PV electricity to be consumed by tenants before it is exported to the National Grid.

As responsible landlords, the self-consumption achieved by putting tenant supplies behind the meter allows BHCC to charge tenants a reduced rate for electricity

Key figures

Location: Brighton & Hove (UK)

Size: 14,91 kWp

Energy production per year: 15718 kWh

Energy use: estimated 60-80% self-consumption

Technology: LG Monocrystalline 355W panels, SolarEdge inverters

Current status

The system was installed in September 2020.



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Project flyer

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