Scientific publications

05-2023 Investigating methods to improve photovoltaic thermal models at second-to-minute timescales – Bert Herteleer et al [Solar Energy 2023 preprint]

01-2023 ArXiv – Investigating methods to improve photovoltaic thermal models at second-to-minute timescales

09-2022 ArXiv – Scalable data storage for PV monitoring systems

09-2022 EUPVSEC proceedings – Experience and Results from the SOLARISE Living Labs

09-2022 EUPVSEC proceedings – Deep Learning Temperature Estimation Model for PV Modules

12-2021 PVtech – Climate-specific O&M for PV power plants

06-2021 Energies – A Review of Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Technology for Residential Applications: Performance Indicators, Progress, and Opportunities

05-2021 ScienceDirect – Bond graph modeling of a water-based photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) collector

04-2021 Energies – A General Framework for Multi-Criteria Based Feasibility Studies for Solar Energy Projects: Application to a Real-World Solar Farm

02-2021 Energies – A Survey on Applications of Hybrid PV/T Panels

01-2021 ScienceDirect – Three dimensional analysis of dye-sensitized, perovskite and monocrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic cells under non uniform solar flux

10-2020 ICAER proceedings – Photovoltaic Thermal Collectors with Phase Change Material for Southeast of England

09-2020 EUPVSEC poster presentation – An Updated SWOT Analysis of the Solar Energy and Best Practices to Enhance the Solar Energy Uptake in Solarise 2Seas Countries

05-2020 Energies – Solar Photovoltaic Panels with Finned Phase Change Material Heat Sinks

02-2020 ScienceDirect – Power improvement of finned solar photovoltaic phase change material system

09-2019 EUPVSEC proceedings – Development of an Academic Living-Lab as Sociotechnical Imaginary to Facilitate the Uptake of Solar Technologies in the 2Seas Region

09-2019 EUPVSEC proceedings – A Solar PV/T Living Laboratory as a Cyber-Physical System

08-2019 AIP Conference proceedings – Fins integrated phase change material for solar photovoltaic for South East United Kingdom

06-2019 Journal of cleaner production – Electrical enhancement period of solar photovoltaic using phase change material

11-2017 Bond Beter Leefmilieu Position paper: Concentrated solar power; also feasible in Flanders?