Fourmies public building Ecole Aragon


Rooftop PV on public buildings, like a school, with innovative funding.



Solar panels will be installed on a school which will serve the purpose of creating awareness for the students and their parents, to increase the uptake of solar energy. The installation will be classic with direct injection into the grid.

The project has received public participation in the financing through a €48.000 crowdlending campaign, one of the first in the region.

The decision for roof-top installations has been taken to maximize the production and reduce the cost of installations.

Key figures

Location: Fourmies (FR)

Size: 98 kWp

Energy production per year: 92,3 MWh

Owner: City of Fourmies

Energy use: collective consumption and direct sales to the energy supplier.

Technology: Monocrystalline Solar PV cells with micro-inverters

Current status

Due for installation in October 2020



Attention points / lessons learned



Technical schema