Partner’s description

The project contributes to the ambition of the municipality to reduce its CO2 emissions by 2030 and to share its experiences with its residents and other local and regional governments.

Zoersel wants to deliver a contribution to the further development of cross-border and sustainable protection of natural resources by using innovative techniques to achieve this ambition.


Partner’s role in the project

Zoersel has already installed solar panels on public buildings. In this project, the challenge is to gain solar power at a historical valuable building without affecting its view and its heritage values.

The municipality of Zoersel plans to build a new village hall in one of its suburbs. This new village hall adjoins a historic public building (the ‘Pastorium’). As this historic building is being integrated into this construction project and renovated at the same time, Zoersel wants to find it a suitable new purpose. At the present time, however, with the techniques currently available, it is not easy to put solar power on a building of historic importance without affecting its appearance and its heritage values.

Together with the other partners and extra funds Zoersel hopes to complete this project successfully by using innovative thermal solar roofing tiles, to be a source of inspiration to other governments (cross-border) and to contribute to the further development of solar energy use.