Partner’s description

Fourmies, a rural town, faces problems of remoteness, unemployment (34%), and fuel poverty.

In order to give a new economic and social heading to its inhabitants and businesses, the town is firmly committed to the regional strategy of the Third Industrial Revolution (TRI), initiated in Hauts de France.

The city has drawn up an ambitious and structuring master plan at the crossroads between digital and energy transition. This is done through shared governance, mobility, circular economy, economics of functionality, energy.

With the ambition to become 100% autonomous in renewable energies in 2050, Fourmies deploys an energy strategy based on sobriety, efficiency, production, storage and sharing of renewable energies. The share of solar is predominant.


Partner’s role in the project

  • Studying solar feasibility on 10 municipal buildings (schools, gymnasium, city hall…)
  • Investing in 3 solar installations on roofs
  • Sharing experiences and learning from the 2 Seas region pilots

The city of Fourmies have worked with different consultants for the implementation of these projects and has been duly helped by its citizens in the form of crowdlending of 104 800€ (the first of its kind in the region) and SOLARISE for financing the Solar Photovoltaic Projects.

Marie HENNERON is leading the SOLARISE team at Fourmies
Marie, an accomplished and experienced manager and environmental enthusiast has been working with the mayor Mickaël HIRAUX to implement the ideology of “Third Industrial Revolution” in Fourmies.

We are always open to share our experiences with the people motivated to bring a change. Just drop us a mail at [email protected]

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