Colored PV Panels on theatre facade in Middelburg (NL)

Vertical solar panels have been installed on the facade of the Stadsschouwburg. It is a demonstration project to show that it’s possible to generate sustainable energy on an architecturally valuable building in a historic environment.

Over the past few days, beautifully designed vertical PV panels have been installed next to the entrance of the City Theatre restaurant de Koepoort. These are not just any solar panels but also panels with an attractive design. They are matte black with a vertical red vein. The design is engraved in the glass of the panels so that the panels are colourfast. Moreover, the design cannot be affected by weather conditions which would be the case with foil on the panels.

The panels could be installed thanks to a grant from the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project TERTS. We want to stimulate sustainable energy use in the tertiary sector by demonstrating innovative energy techniques with this project.

​Vertical panels on the City Theatre

The Stadsschouwburg is a striking building in the protected townscape of Middelburg. The application of vertical PV panels requires a custom solution in which the design fits seamlessly with the design of the building. The Spatial Quality Team has approved the plan, and an environmental permit has been granted.

By matching the colour of the panels with the brick facade, it creates a suggestion of stage curtains along the entrance to the theatre. In total, 40 m2 of solar panels are in use which generates approx. 4.700 kWh per year.