Mandatory PV for new company buildings in West Flanders (BE)

The agency for regional economic development in West Flanders, WVI, wants to boost solar adoption on company rooftops. When WVI develops a business park or industrial estate and sells the plots to companies who want to buy a piece of land to build their company on, new WVI selling conditions are part of the contract.

In these selling conditions, WVI stipulates that companies can choose to place solar PV themselves within four years after purchasing the land. If they choose not to do so, WVI can take a right of superficies (recht van opstal) on the company roof, install solar PV and sell renewable energy to them. With these selling conditions, WVI wants to encourage companies to invest in renewable energy installation themselves.

Furthermore, WVI is experimenting with an unburdening process for companies on existing business parks and industrial estates to make it easier for them to install solar PV. It is known that companies’ priority is their core business. That is why unburdening them about renewable energy leads to an easier decision to invest. Unburdening consists of making them aware of the possibilities, organizing a scan of their roof to see whether it is suitable to carry solar PV, etc.

In this way, WVI wants to contribute to the goals set concerning renewable energy production by the EU and also help municipalities to reach their goals for the covenant of mayors.