Clean Energy & Mobility: ‘Mobility with the label E’

Almere, 5 June – The conference title clearly indicates what it is all about. But mobility is not a separate subject, it is inextricably linked to other sustainable developments and their environment.

It was certainly not only about vehicles themselves,
in particular issues as available load capacity, regulations, energy transition, energy management systems, smart storage (e.g. use of car batteries) and measures in the public environment were discussed broadly.

And above all, very instructive practical examples provide an interesting perspective on new developments.


As an introduction to EV energy and clean mobility, two projects revealed good practices on system approach for future mobility as V2G (vehicle to grid), smart charging and (regulatory) conditions.

The presentations (Interreg Sharing Cities project by London and the sustainable system vision of Schiphol to achieve zero emissions in 2030 and energy positive property portfolio in 2050), can be downloaded by pressing the links in the conference programme.

The interactive workshop themes in the afternoon sessions were:

  • Energy Management Systems in Europe
  • Simulation tools for energy planning
  • Policy-Making and business models
  • Electrification of public transport

They offered an interesting exchange of information and examples from (among other) London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Oslo about large scale e-mobility parking, smart EV-charging in the city and related energy exchange experiences to ‘un-stress’ the grid.
All presentations can be downloaded from the aforementioned conference programme.

The connection with SOLARISE

Promotion flyers were available, and H.J. Jansen (municipality of Heerhugowaard/NL) was present at the conference site to promote and explain the SOLARISE project and its objectives to interested colleagues.
Improvisation and personal presentation added awareness to several attendees for the need of proper regulation and promotion of clean (including solar) energy plus investments in solar installations.

Conclusions by Conference Moderator Ian Hill

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