Meeting the Enercoop Hauts-de-France producers

Enercoop Hauts-de-France invites you to discover the citizen photovoltaic power plant run by the “Energie Citoyenne” cooperative in Ambricourt and Beaurainville in the Pas-de-Calais region.

The three photovoltaic roofs located in Ambricourt and Beaurainville sell their production to Enercoop!

This project is the first CITIZEN photovoltaic power plant in the Pas-de-Calais region!

Meeting the "Energie Citoyenne" (FR) cooperative

“Electricity production is fed back into the grid. Enercoop and Energie Citoyenne share common values: these two cooperatives support the development of renewable and local energy production and the reappropriation of energy by citizens. Selling the electricity production to Enercoop therefore seemed self-evident, especially since the electricity supplier of the three structures is also Enercoop!

That way, it’s a fully circular process!”

The network of Enercoop cooperatives makes it possible to maintain a real link with local actors in the energy transition, truly bringing producers and end consumers closer together, while guaranteeing a stable price over the long term.

These reports highlight the ways in which our producers are working with us in the French, citizen and local energy transition.