How Heerhugowaard is moving towards carbon neutrality in its new area development project


The future of solar, integrated today

Heerhugowaard, in the Netherlands, is seeking to integrate solar power technology into its new city development plan in the train station area. The city wants to set a new standard for integral sustainability, fully integrating solar energy in the new development’s energy system.

A smart energy grid

The solar power integration will involve the retrofitting of existing houses, as well as equipping newly built homes.

The municipality then intends to connect these solar houses to a smart energy grid that will distribute and exchange the solar energy generated across the different segments of the project. This integrated approach will help balance the electricity grid.


Actioning stakeholders’ decisions

The exact process for taking the right steps towards optimizing the energy system with renewable energy will be determined as part of SOLARISE.

We will also try to define a comprehensive energy plan based on decisions made by all main stakeholders in the fields of energy generation, distribution and utilization.


Near carbon neutrality

This complex puzzle should allow for near carbon neutrality in this new area development project in Heerhugowaard, in line with local ambitions.