Ground-Breaking green heating project with solar mirrors in the Antwerp harbour

On 23 October 2019, the first ever solar mirror park in the European process industry was revealed and opened in the Antwerp harbour. Genk-based energy company Azteq installed the solar mirrors on site at logistical company Adpo. The installation is part of a testing project supported by the Flemish Government.

First solar mirror park in the EU
Over the last couple of months, Azteq placed over 1,100 m² of solar parabolas on site at logistical company Adpo (Antwerp Distributions and Products Operations) in Beveren.
Adpo will use the solar mirrors to produce steam, which the company uses to clean and heat tanks and containers.
The solar mirror park is expected to replace an annual 500MWh of gas usage.

Story of ancient secret Greek mirrors

Revolutionary technology

This installation is the first European industrial project using Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy (CST). This technology uses parabola mirrors – or sun parabolas – to catch sunlight and turn it into heat. The mirrors follow the sun to concentrate maximum incoming sunlight towards the collectors, achieving temperatures of up to 400 C°. In order to be able to use the heat produced 24/7, Azteq has installed the necessary insulated barrels..


CTS produces three times as much energy per installed square metre as a regular solar power installation. It’s 100% green technology and the perfect alternative for industrial heating. This system therefore makes a crucial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Antwerp harbour.