Cooperation and consulting citizens:

the way forward for local solar projects?


How Zoersel shines even brighter through the power of people

In order to accelerate solar uptake and ensure long-term growth to 2030 and beyond, Zoersel launched a citizen panel to inform its strategy. In 2019, the municipality received 409 completed questionnaires from 462 members of its resident panel – a staggering 89% response rate.


Together towards a solar future

That level of participation is a sign that the broader public is more than willing to take part in organizing the future with energy-efficient technology, and open to receiving concrete tips and tricks to reduce private energy consumption.

Of course, this citizen panel is also a great way to learn more about solar panels, glass and insulation techniques.


Climate day

The results of the questionnaire will be used to organize a climate day for all citizens in October 2020. It will take place the day before the SOLARISE brainstorm event, in which the SOLARISE project will play a prominent role.



Zoersel has partnered up not only with its residents, but also with the Antwerp Province and the Flemish association of cities and municipalities, which have committed to being ambassadors to the project.
With these partners’ support and the contribution of Kamp C, Zoersel aims to roll out a demo installation in 2020, with the building permit approval process in progress as we speak.



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