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Solarise International Workshop

“Governing the ENERGY transition”

2 December 2020 (10h30-12h00 and 13h00-14h00) – Webinar 


Several cities experiment with innovative solutions, struggling with the challenge of ‘governing the energy transition’, steering the ‘neighbourhood’, increase citizen’s involvement and thereby realizing ‘city scale transition’.

One of these cities is Heerhugowaard, which is working hard to set up an energy plan for the newly developed railway station area, and to use the various possible (local) energy sources optimally to build a sustainable neighbourhood. The energy plan is being formulated together with the energy stakeholders within the framework of the project SOLARISE.

Heerhugowaard is organising a virtual workshop on the opportunities and challenges that cities and municipalities are faced with on their way to clean and green energy production and consumption.

The scope of this workshop is: 

1) Understand and discuss the impact of neighbourhood & city transition developments;
2) Demonstrate innovative solutions, the impact and feasible solutions;
3) Find out ”who is in charge” ?

Through European innovative examples, these topics will be made tangible and different options of governance, including incentives are presented and discussed. A panel debate will further explore ideas and opportunities.