Solarise Webinar

“Solar energy for collective (social) housing”


On 22 June 2021 Flux50 and Kamp C organised a webinar to promote solar energy in the collective housing context, like apartments or multi-tenant social residential areas or multi-owner residentail complexes..

Solar energy is the most used technology to generate renewable energy in urbanized areas where other techniques (wind, hydro) are often not an option. PV is also a proven technology that has become increasingly efficient over the years and whose installation has become common knowledge with technical professions.
The challenges for further deployment of PV, especially in the area of collective housing, involve adapted regulations, innovative approaches to energy sharing and incentives to market the generated power between the residents.

There are many interesting initiatives and projects developed within the “2 Seas regions” that address these challenges.  This free webinar introduced some of these creative and innovative solutions that could inspire other regions.