On Monday 19 October 2020, the municipality of Zoersel (BE) invited us to discuss how cities and municipalities can generate their own sustainable energy on public buildings, in person and via livestream. It was clear that this is not always straightforward, especially in the case of (protected) historic buildings. But there are innovative technologies and systems that offer solutions.

Zoersel wants to play a pioneering role in this and will use sustainable solutions such as thermal solar panels, a heat pump and an ice buffer for the construction of its new village hall and the renovation of the nearby vicarage.

During this event, special attention was also given to the facilitating role played by local authorities.

A panel of experts shared their insights and experiences to provide us with a clear and complete picture of the applications and techniques that will enable municipalities to make their building portfolios more sustainable, using solar energy and complementary technologies (heat pump, batteries, etc.).

In case you missed it, you can find the presentations here: